We are an Israeli law firm that provides international clients with effective solutions to their matters in Israel:

  • Foreign companies maintaining a place of business in Israel
  • Israeli businesses conducting their affairs in English
  • New immigrants to Israel
  • Foreign citizens wishing to live or work in Israel

Our experience has shown that effective legal services are those that are interdisciplinary in nature, and address the client’s needs and objectives in the long run – and not just strictly in the legal arena. The legal services we offer are custom-tailored to fit the real-life issues of our clients, taking into account the “big picture”.

We are a firm of multilingual lawyers and staff, and we maintain professional cooperation with other niche law firms and non-legal professionals, enabling us to provide our clients with competent and ethical legal services in all aspects of our clients’ commercial and personal matters in Israel.

Our client base of foreign companies and individuals include:

  • Real Estate Investors, Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • Construction Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • Human Resources Companies (Manpower, Cleaning Service, Security Personnel)
  • Restaurant and other small business owners
  • Startups (Hi-Tech and Low-Tech)
  • Private Business Partnerships
  • Individuals employed in senior positions: non-compete clauses, retirement packages, options benefits, and such.
  • Foreign residents: IDF military obligations, debt collection or debt resolution in Israel, real estate management, inheritance and personal estate management, and such.

Our main practice areas of law include Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Estate Management (including Wills & Inheritance), Administrative Law, Israeli Military Law, Debt Collection & Insolvency, White-Collar Criminal Law, Building Violations, and Traffic Violations.

We litigate and represent our clients’ interests in all Israeli courts and tribunals, including the Magistrates and District Courts for criminal and civil matters, Appeals Court, Supreme Court, National Labor Courts, Family Courts, Military Tribunal Courts, Traffic Courts and the entry to Israel Law Review Tribunal, and more.

We also deal with the various Israeli authority entities relevant to conducting business and personal affairs in Israel, including the Israeli Companies Registrar, the Israeli Land Registration Department, the Israel Patent and Trademark Office, the Administrator General and Official Receiver of Israel, the Israel Ministry of Justice and the National Collection Agency (Hotzaah Lapoal), and others.

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