Our attorneys offer the most up-to-date counsel to both domestic and foreign clients on all aspects of labor law and employment relationships, including matters of foreign workers in Israel.

We routinely engage in the negotiation and drafting of labor agreements, and advises our clients on all labor law matters, such as Israel’s special labor protection laws for women, employment related social benefits, non-competition and confidentiality undertakings, etc.

Among our services, we provide on-going legal assistance to businesses who employ others. Our legal advice aids business owners to minimize their risk of getting sued or criminally prosecuted for the violation of labor laws.

In addition to advising clients on an on-going basis, our attorneys have represented both employers and employees in labor and employment disputes, before the entire range of Israeli labor courts, arbitration tribunals and mediation boards; Attorney Shirley Luz has personally handled the litigation of hundreds of labor cases, including:

  • Claims of wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, defamation of character and sexual harassment.
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements.
  • Confidentiality and trade secret issues.
  • Sex, race age and disability discrimination.
  • Social Benefit Claims
  • Employee Severance Pay Despite Resignation