Inheritance in Israel

Q: My relative passed away and left me property in Israel. What should I do to claim it?
A: To inherit property in Israel you must obtain a Probate Order if there is a will or a Succession Order if there is no will.

Q: Is a Probate/Succession order given abroad valid in Israel?
A: No. To claim your inheritance in Israel you must receive a Probate or Succession Order in Israel.

Q: Do I have to travel to Israel to obtain the Probate/Succession Order?
A: No. We will prepare all the required documents for you to sign abroad and act as your proxy in Israel.

Q: Will I pay taxes for my inheritance?
A: No. There is no inheritance tax in Israel.

Q: How much will it cost to obtain a Probate/Succession Order?
A: Our firm offers competative rates, which depend on several factors, including the type of order you need and sort of documentation you can provide. Other costs that should be considered include filing fees and translation expenses.