Adv. Shiery Luz is a certified Israeli military defense attorney. Attorney Luz has personally tried hundreds of military cases, having previously served as Military Prosecutors in the MAG (Military Advocate General) Corps, and is experienced in providing quality legal services to officers and enlisted soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces in court martial proceedings held at the Military Courts in Israel.

We provide the utmost professional legal services, which include accurately analyzing the case at hand and formulating the best legal strategy in order to provide the client with the best outcome given the circumstances.

Among our provided services:

  • Israeli Military Desertion Charges – Our firm has vast experience in representing clients in cases of Israeli military desertion by enlisted soldiers or Israeli citizens who did not fulfill their legal obligation to enlist at all to the Israel Defense Forces.
  • Israeli Military Exemption – We have successfully represented many clients who sought to get an exemption from Israeli Military IDF service. Our experienced lawyers are able to convey in every case the special circumstances which justify an exemption from mandatory Israeli service, with great success.
  • Legal Advice to Military Personnel – We advise our clients and prepare them for criminal interrogation by the Israeli Military Police or by the Israeli Military Criminal Investigation Division.
  • Arrest & Bail Proceeding – We represent military personal in remand and bail hearings held at the Israeli military courts.
  • Petitions – We file various petitions on behalf of military personnel, including pardon petitions and petitions to erase criminal records, petitions to enlist to service, and more.