Light Sentencing – Speeding Violation of 46 kph Over the Limit in an Urban Road

An Israeli traffic court attorney can make a big difference.

Our client, a new driver, was brought in front of the Petah Tikva Traffic Court for a speeding violation of 46 kph over the 50 kph urban road legal limit. Her license was revoked by a police officer for 30 days on the spot. At this point, she call Attorney Shirley Luz.

Due to the severity of the offense as well as her being a new driver, her license should have been revoked for a long duration and she would have been required to get a new driver’s license from scratch.

Attorney Shirley Luz who represented the client, was able to find problems with the prosecution’s evidence, and therefore the court sentenced the client to 10 days of additional license suspension and a fine. In addition, she was spared of the need to obtain a new driver’s license.