We provide property management services which includes ongoing legal assistance and risk management.

Our clients include housing committees (“vaad bait”) of shared buildings, foreign residents who hold real estate properties for investment purposes and need ongoing management of their assets and Israeli residents who hold commercial real estate properties and seek professional support and assistance.

Our law firm provides management services for real estate properties of all kinds, and can tailor the services offered based on the property owner’s needs and budget.

Our services include:

  • Background checks and screening of potential tenants
  • Negotiations with potential tenants
  • Drafting of lease agreements and extension agreements
  • Rent collection
  • Filing of eviction lawsuits and taking other legal measures against problematic tenants
  • Execution of guarantees when necessary
  • Filing lawsuits to the supervisor of shared apartments in cases of neighbor conflicts
  • Ongoing legal consultation and representation in aspects relating to real estate asset management, including real estate law, municipal and local council law,
  • commercial law, property tax law, etc.