We have experience in assisting our Israeli and foreign business clients in various commercial transactions, including the preparation of commercial agreements, distribution contracts, licensing and franchising agreements, and joint venture contracts between foreign and Israeli companies.

Our attorneys plan, negotiate, and execute all forms of transactions, taking into consideration a complete spectrum of relevant legal perspectives, such as securities law, intellectual property, labor law, competition law, real estate and environmental law.

Among our services:

  • Companies and Partnership Registration – Our law firm accompanies partnerships and companies from the very beginning. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting the incorporation documents, registering of the company, drafting the founders’ agreements and all necessary partnership agreements.
  • Liquidation – Our law firm provides all the support and representation needed to liquidate and dismantle companies and partnerships.
  • Commercial Disputes and Litigation – Our team of attorneys handles commercial disputes and litigation of all kinds. Among the cases our law firm handles: non-payment of fees by tenants or clients, disputes between business partners which require urgent court intervention through temporary injunctions, drafting of dissolution agreements, negotiations between the parties, etc.
  • Start-Up Companies – We have experience in representing “start-up” companies, starting from their initial stage of life and through their various stages of development and growth. Our law firm offers legal counseling and representation to aid entrepreneurs in their dealing with business partners and investors, ensuring that their interests are protected. Our law firm accompanies start-up companies in seed investment negotiations, whether it be private equity, venture capital, strategic investors, etc. We also represent ivestors who seek investment opportunities in start-up companies.
  • Full-Service Business Retainer – Our attorneys provide ongoing legal assistance to large companies in all matters needed. Among the services offered are collection and execution services, negotiation of commercial agreements with supplier and clients, drafting of labor contracts, handling customer disputes and more.